The food

Head Chef Matt Christmas and Bruce Poole have worked closely together for over ten years, sharing a very similar approach to both cooking and food in general. The menu is therefore a collaborative effort from the two chefs. We aim to produce top-notch modern food which is based loosely on classical and regional French/ Mediterranean cuisine.

We are not particularly into gadgets and tricks in the kitchen and there are doubtless some who view our food as slightly old fashioned in this regard. We take this as a compliment! We only ever produce dishes which we ourselves love to eat and one can’t really say fairer than that.

Home-made charcuterie, slow cooked braises, offal, warm and cold salads, classical desserts and bread-making could be listed as specialities.

We also take the cheese board very seriously indeed and it forms an integral part of the restaurant’s day-to-day life.



 Deep fried calf's brains  Asparagus and polenta  Sardines
 Risotto nero  Duck breast with roast shallots  Roast cod
 Hot chocolate pudding    Creme brulee